​​          NANHI DUNYA 

Curricular Structure

Our curriculum is truly progressive & learner-friendly. The School provides a comprehensive academic curriculum supported by a system of instructions that encourages children to be logical, analytical, creative & communicative. We ensure overall development of children which does not depend on rote method and where the classroom teaching is flexible and integrated to the syllabus.

Student Evaluation 

It is continuous and comprehensive. It is based on the belief that learning takes place all the time, within and outside the classroom. It recognises an ability to regulate oneself, exhibiting creativity, courage to initiate and attempts to better ones performance.

Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation(CCE) caters to different learning styles and acknowledges different intelligences while aiming at assessing the holistic individual. CCE aims at assessing the concept and content, attitude, skills, leadership and capacity to innovate. Such comprehensive evaluation demands appropriate tools to assess, document and provide necessary evidence to show the growth of a student.

Our assessment scheme is a combination of formal testing and observation of all formal and informal engagements of children in and out of school. Several criteria are adopted in assessing children at different levels. The formal assessment has certain mandatory items of assessment for children.

They are: Class Tests |Formative assessments | summative assessments |Unit Tests| Half Yearly Examination |Annual Examination | Project Work | Collaborative activities | Hands on Activities | Class participation | Presentations | Problem Solving Assignments

Continuous Professional Development

The teachers at Nanhi Dunya are lifelong learners. Reflecting upon what we are doing and how we are doing is an essential part of development process. Keeping this as our perspective, workshops for teachers are organized and feedback is reviewed. 

The Continuous Professional Development team of the School offers learning activities for teachers to help them upgrade their skills and enhance their respective subjects. The CPD team visits the classrooms on a regular basis and ensures that the teacher's enhance their learning through coaching and support.