Digital Education

Nowadays we have come across the fact that in the process of teaching, visuals play a very important role in order to clarify, So Nanhi Dunya provides its students visual education in every class room with English Language Lab, a new revolution in the field of teaching.


Whole campus in under the vigilance of CCTV cameras and also equipped with speakers.

Pure and cool water

Water purifying systems and water coolers are provided in the school so that students can have pure and cool water for drinking.


The school library is provided for students to improve their language skills, increase their awareness of current, affairs and discover as well as explore new ideas beyond the classroom. Parents are requested to encourage their children to make regular use of this facility and guide them to develop an interest.

Computer Education 

Keeping up with the recent boom in the information technology the school offers computer science as a part of the curriculum right from class III to VIII. The computer faculty is competent enough to meet the growing demands in the areas of system of softwares. We have a very well equipped computer lab.

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